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Does my information actually work when people use it? Here are what other’s are saying…

“By implementing these, Big Screen Promotions & Hire has been able to increase revenue in the last financial year by 300%! This is an amazing increase and has been solely due to implementing the outsourcing strategies and online marketing initiatives that Tyrone teaches.”
Adam Lever, Big Screen Promotions

“Outsourcing is such a crucial part of gaining leverage because it means you don’t have to do all the work. The information it reveals explains how you can break out of the paid-by-the-hour-trap, and how you can gain true leverage by utilizing resources outside of your own time. Thank you Tyrone.”
Yaro Starak, Entrepreneurs Journey

“Outsourcing has always been somewhat of a puzzle to me. I mean, where the heck do you start? And how do you make sure you won’t make silly mistakes that could end up costing you a fortune in both time and money? See for yourself what Tyrone reveals about the ultimate form of leverage!”
Gideon Shalwick, Rapid Video Blogging

“Outsourcing part of your business is just like staffing in-house: you have to find good people who can deliver quality work consistently. Tyrone’s Mass Outsource program helps you find good people to leverage your business processes. His training, tools, and resources give you everything you need to become a profitable outsourcer in a very short period of time”
Robb Bailey, Red Trolley Marketing

” I can’t explain in words how good it feels when I can learn a strategy and send it off to my outsourcers to implement. I’m finally starting to extract myself from the daily drudgery of stuff that just has to be done and focus on the fun stuff of growing my business. If you have a chance to take part in Tyrone’s program I insist you take him up on that opportunity…”
Craig Dewe, Web Marketing Outlaw

“Watching your videos has changed everything for me. I’ve already started delegating work base on the tips you’ve provided and I just wish that I had found your program earlier in my entrepreneurial life because I might be writing this testimonial from my laptop in my rented Villa somewhere in Italy!”
Krizia, Women Entrepreneurs HQ

“Tyrone does a great job of laying down the basics, showing you exactly how to work with virtual assistants so you can focus on doing the things you enjoy the most!”
Chris Ducker, Virtual Business Lifestyle and 10 year Outsourcing Veteran

“Mass Outsource is the most simple and easy to use outsourcing guide, I have ever found. If you want to discover how to find, manage and automate your business, then try the Mass Outsource course. You’ll be surprised by simple golden nuggets of advise that can transform your business.”
Katey Shaw, Outsourcing Queen

“Lots of people claim to “under promise and over deliver”: most who do so are blowing smoke. Not Tyrone. He is the real deal. His videos are masterpieces of electronically delivered adult education, clear, systematic, thorough. On teleconference calls he listens attentively, works at getting a clear understanding of the questions, is patient and helpful.
A huge advantage of the Mass Outsourcing system is that we can use the videos we learn from to train the people we outsource to.”
Des Walsh, Australia

“As a result I’ve confidently looked at resumes, drawn up a short list of eight people (who say they can do what I need help with) and just now have emailed eight people on a short list using your template. Thanks.”
Len McGrane, New Zealand

“I read your book, listen to all videos, searched the job list in the Philippines. I am a dentist, health physician trying to start my business in high tech medical diagnosis and treatment using holistic modalities without drugs and needles. I’m grateful for helping me start my online business – website, blogging, etc. for my holistic medical – dental products and tutorials.
Thanks Tyrone, still working on learning your steps”
Dr. John K. Char, USA

“I am a Newbie Internet Marketer and registering many Internet Marketing Gurus Mastermind sites and spent atleast 30K Plus for all the Internet Related Courses But not very happy with most of them as far as making money online. I know your program is not about any promise to make money online but how to manage the online business more efficiently.
Truly, after reviewing your videos, I was able to hire two Philippines virtual Assistant from At present I am managing those VAs thru Skype and Email. I am looking forward to learn all the techniques to manage those VAs more efficiently.
Prakash Patel, USA

“I first came across you on Twitter (angelheal) and now happily employ 3 VAs fulltime from the Philippines.
You have so much valuable, time-saving information”
Michelle Mayur, Australia

“Giving more than what you are paid for is a cardinal quality that makes people succeed. This is why, my gut feel is that your Mass Outsource Mastermind will attain substantial success in keeping us (your subscribers) happy.
Thank you for your sincerity.”
Raffy Chan, USA

“I ran a successful Maths tuition centre, a Natural Health networking business and a takeaway before with very minimal outsourcing. I made a lot of money but it was very exhausting. I was just ignorant. I have excellent products but my constant nagging question is, ‘how can I make it go very big? It’s so exciting to realise that I can concentrate and enjoy what I am good in; making more profits by letting others do the rest.
I have everything to thank Tyrone for.”
Mary Moh, Scotland UK

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